What The Audience is Saying....

"Thank you for giving joy, light, love and support to my son. As much as we are in our own busy lives doing wonderful things - you have touched my life with beauty, love and empowerment. You moved my son in such a profound way tonight and for that you will always be heart-chosen family. "
Lori Yates
Shelley, thank-you for such an AWESOME evening! My mom totally loved you and the show! Your story will live in my heart forever...thank-you for your bravery, warmth and hilarity! Love, love, love you!


Margaret Terry
Shelley - what a great privilege to be in the audience last night for the opening of your one woman show. Bold and daring, gritty yet vulnerable, you had me in the palm of your hand from the opening scene! How blessed we are to have a talent like you in Hamilton to hold our hand and take us on a journey of survival through laughter, tears and brilliant story telling - you are the REAL deal Shelley Marshall, an uber talent with the heart of a lion - thank you for a great night of entertainment!


Midge Petrino
Shelley~ I saw your performance tonight. You are awesome. You brought laughter to my voice and tears to my eyes.
Yes, we all have baggage- and you taught me what to do with mine. Thank you for an amazing performance.


Rebecca Doll
Thank God for Shelley Marshall! Great show tonight!
Susan Heastont I heard so many people outside say...oh no!!!the show is sold out!!! What are we going to do?? I felt sorry for them but you cant show up for a Shelley Marshall show and try to get them at the door...tickets are golden!! Buy in advance peeps!!
Hannah Kopanka It was a fantastic play. thank you shelley.
....I worded and re-worded my facebook post to you. What I really want to say is....Thank you. Thank you for sharing your magnificent gift with the masses. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your talent. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your strength. Thank you for you. xo

Erin McFadden
I am still in awe of the show we saw last night. Shelley Marshall was so brilliant! It really is very emotional to watch her story come to life. But the fact it could be so bloody funny as well!?... Seriously, I feel empowered through her journey. Thank you for telling your story so well!


Andrea Murray
Had the best time ever last night at Shelley Marshall's Hold Mommy's Cigarette. What an emotional romp, from heart wrenching to gut laughing to thought provoking and poignant. Loved every delicious second.


Teri Voeth
Over the top....beyond funny...stirring....heart opening....thank you thank you Shelley!!


Tonia Gabriela
Powerful night !!!!!........ Shelley Marshalltold a story of fear and hopelessness , with truth and laughter ..there is always hope  " We become powerful in the face of our fears...


Kerry Wade
Raw and sweet, funny and heartbreaking all at once. Hard to achieve but you sure nailed it. Amazing to see someone (literally) strip themselves down in front of an audience. Loved the sound track, the set, the wardrobe...loved it all AND the best compliment (genuine) of all, I can't stop thinking about it. Live through this indeed.xxx



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